Customized Individual or Group Travel Tours

Travel with a Group and Save!

Four Point Travel offers vacation packages (also called tours or tour packages) which combines a number of necessities into one package. A typical package includes the flight, hotel and airport transfers to destinations such as: Europe, Italy, France, England, Germany, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, North & South Amercia, the Far East, and Australia. They can include luxurious “All Inclusive” resorts or just the basics. They can be arranged to keep you on the go to insure that you experience everything your destination offers, or you can do nothing at all and everything in-between with plenty of free time left over to relax.

Booking a vacation as a package has two advantages; you benefit from the tour operator’s bulk air prices, hotel rates, and group prices on other travel amenities, and secondly, a “Packaged Vacation” takes away the guesswork in planning your trip. Vacation companies have already qualified the hotels, transportation, sightseeing tours, restaurants, shows, etc. as maintaining a certain level or standard. There are hundreds of tour companies in the travel industry, and Four Point Travel has long-standing relationships with a variety of companies that we feel best meets the expectations our customers. Four Point Travel can find the perfect match for you.