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Peter E. from Welland, Ontario:
December 22, 2017

Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 3.5

"Pros: Excursions, food, hotel interaction between workers and travelers, activities within resort. I forgot my jacket at hotel when checking out and recalled on bus towards airport. This was a 30 min drive and I asked the driver for some help. He immediately contacted the hotel and arranged for someone to drop it off at airport. I believe it was sent with the next group of people going to the airport. Regardless, this was very, very nice of them and I am quite pleased with their resolution. They could have just offered to ship and I pay cost, but no, they made sure I had it before I took off, before I even checked luggage! Also worth noting that they did not charge me for this.

Cons (too many): 1.Always being haggled, need to constantly haggle. This is with Sunwing too! The excursions were sometimes more expensive with them then with the uninsured guy on the beach/resort. Very unfortunate to always need to be trying to argue for better price or wasting time talking between parties for best price. 2. Excursions were not always what they were meant to be. This is especially true for scuba diving. This was booked through sunwing at resort with Rolson. I am quite displeased with our agent down there. Sunwing will make me reconsider my bookings in the next trips. 3. Room was not what it was supposed to be (only 1 bed. Had to get someone to bring a single) we asked for another room but were never given the room! 4. Plane was not on time (approx 2hrs delay for return) no food on plane after being delayed? That's kinda rediculous. I planned my day to try and avoid eating at airport/buying on plane but due to delay I had to pay. Plane also didn't have a gate at Pearson when we arrove and we were forced to wait 45mins on runway after landing...really?

That's all I can think of now, but to say the least, many things could have been avoided by Sunwing to provide a more enjoyable vacation.

Everything was great with Four Point Travel, thank you Justen and Nicole and all others who have helped.
Chris K. from St.Catharines, Ontario:
December 13, 2017

Destination: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Beautiful resort. Very friendly staff. Best food of any resort we have been too. We have never been to the same resort twice, this one we would definitely go back too."
Dave R. from Stoney Creek, Ontario:
September 29, 2015

Destination: Sicily, Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Simply a great time had by all...

Some minor diversion from what sometimes seems(ed) a tad "church-heavy", to a possibly more balanced church AND architecture aspect of tours may be nice in such certain cities, such as Palermo."
Anna P. from Mississauga, Ontario:
September 29, 2015

Destination: Southern Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"It was a well organized trip."
Marion L. from St.Catharines, Ontario:
September 28, 2017

Destination: Calgary (via Rocky mountaineer)
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 4

"Train trip was awesome. Scenery magnificent. Hotel accommodations were mediocre to very good. The Banff park hotel was not as good as we thought. It stated we had a superior room. No bathrobes were provided. The only hotel that charged $10. Per 24 hours for wifi. Due to some snowy weather, the Yoho park tour was cancelled. The driver/guide suggested we contact rocky mountaineer office for a refund for this portion of the trip. Didn't get to the delta hotel until 8 pm Friday the 13th and had to check out the next morning at 12. Didn't see much of Calgary."
Bob L. from Oakville, Ontario:
Septmeber 17, 2017

Destination: Rome, Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"A very enjoyable and memorable trip with Luca Vitali."
Tony V. from Hamilton, Ontario:
September 15, 2017

Destination: Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Trip was amazing, we were very fortunate to have Luca Vitali showing us around Italy. Without him we won't have seen or done a third of what we accomplished in 15 days. He looked after all our need and exceeded our expectations. Luca made it the perfect holiday for all of us. Right from the start we felt like one big happy family on holidays, not 12 individuals that just meet. Meeting his family and spending time with them was an added bonus. Thanks again Luca for a wonderful time and showing us Italy through your eyes. Looking forward to our next trip together."
Cathy F. from Niagara Falls, Ontario:
September 12, 2017

Destination: Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

As always, thanks to Danuela and staff at Four Point Travel for their assistance in planning our holiday. We had an amazing month in Italy...Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Lake Como, Bergamo, Orvietto, Sorrento and Furore on the Amalfi Coast. So many highlights and wonderful memories. Looking forward to planning our next vacation with all of you!."
Keith M. from St.Catharines, Ontario:
September 9, 2017

Destination: Australia
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Fantastic trip, everything went smoothly, hotels, trains etc. organized by Nicole were great. We would definitely recommend Four Point Travel and certainly use them again."
Susan G. from Waterdown, Ontario:
September 8, 2017

Destination: Rome, Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Luca was an amazing guide with wonderful "connections". I know that we visited places and met people that most tourists would not know about. I think the full day Rome tour was too long and the visit to Vatican City was not enjoyable as it was just too crowded (the mural building was elbow to elbow throughout). The boat trip to Capri was amazing. I felt there was too much time allotted to 'shopping' and most people simply parked themselves somewhere to wait out the hours. Luca did a wonderful job as a guide/host and the afternoon and evening spent with his Mom and Dad at their home was a highlight."
Pauliine J. from Grimsby, Ontario:
September 1, 2017

Destination: Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"This was a trip of a life time. The variety of tours and activities were extremely enjoyable and we felt we experienced the 'real' Italy. This was in large part because of Luca. The tour guides were wonderful but in addition to the tours, we absolutely enjoyed strolling through the small villages in Tuscany. The food...of course it was delicious and probably better than we had imagined. Luca had made special arrangements with each restaurant in order to accommodate special dietary needs (no fish or seafood). Again, there was a good variety and we liked the way the meals were planned and served. If there was anything to complain about it was that there was too much food! In an effort not to offend the restaurant we attempted to eat most of what was served but as the days went by we found we were leaving more food on our plates as we just couldn't eat everything.

As for the accommodations, the hotel in Rome was lovely, the hotel in Sorrento was clean, comfortable and in a super location. One very minor complaint was regarding the bathroom when we stayed in the villa. Again, it was very clean but the layout was somewhat unusual (although perhaps not unusual for Italians). There was no shower curtain or glass surround so the entire bathroom floor as well as all the fixtures (sink, toilet, bidet) were all wet down from the shower. Not a big deal but just unusual."
Cathy C. from Smithville, Ontario:
September 1, 2017

Destination: Rome, Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"I had assistance from Nicole, Danuela and another lady as well. Awesome well planned trip. Thank you to all."
Andy M. from Oakville, Ontario:
August 4, 2017

Destination: Prague, Budapest on Danube Cruises
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Thanks Danuela for helping us choose this trip. We had a fabulous holiday, enjoying every aspect of the trip."
Sue B. from Corbyville, Ontario:
July 25, 2017

Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"We have no complaints, only accolades as to the service provided by you the travel advisors and those at the Reserve Paradisus. The hotel was lovely. Meals were amazing and the people, from Ravalle at the beach, Rambo at the Gabi Club and Unissus the concierge for Sara and Mike went above and beyond to make the vacation more than we expected. We are already planning a return, hopefully next summer."
John N. from St.Catharines, Ontario:
June 23, 2017

Destination: Venice, Italy
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 4

"Had a great time and seen some beautiful places. Could have used a bit more time in Venice but overall the tour covered most of what we wanted to see. A couple of the hotels were not up to what we expected and apart from that everything was top class. A very memorable trip and great weather too!! We were told this was the 1st time that Air Canada and Air Transat joined together for this trip and it would have been nice if they had covered the same trips on the tour. There was a few things we had to pay for that Transat travellers didn't so extra expense for us so hopefully they will learn from this in future. Overall it was a great trip and thanks to for all your assistance in making this a great choice."
Lori L. from Hamburg, New York:
May 11, 2017

Destination: Dublin, Island
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Excellent tour of Ireland. We all really enjoyed it."
Lenia R. from Niagara Falls, Ontario:
April 2, 2017

Destination: Nassau, Bahamas
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Nicole from Four Point Travel helped us plan our vacation to Nassau, Bahamas. We stayed at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort. The overall experience was amazing from the food to the beach to the night entertainment and to the excursions. We had a great time. Thank you Nicole for your expertise and help. We will book our trips with Four Point Travel from now on"
Julia M. from Sherkston, Ontario:
March 22, 2017

Destination: Holguin, Cuba
Trip Rating (1-to-5 ): 5

"Booking with your agency was quick and efficient. Staff are extremely helpful. Flights were good. About the resort - beach was great, food was good, however rooms are getting a little rundown, some public restrooms were closed for renovations (unfortunately too many at the same time). Staff are resort were pleasant, Sunwing Rep was friendly and helpful. Overall we had a good vacation, and are looking forward to the next one."